I meant to post this a few days ago when I hit the 20 day mark of my Whole 30, but I’ve been distracted.  Mostly distracted by video games since August and I have started playing a new one, but also visiting with friends, going to work, and the gym all had a part to play in it as well.  Now on to business…

I’m on day 24.  In one week I’ll be starting my day off with a nice cup of coffee with heavy cream in it.  I don’t have a whole lot more to report on from my previous post.  I continue to feel like I’m getting leaner and stronger between the Whole 30 and going to the gym.  I’ve started working Olympic weightlifting into my schedule as well.  I’m trying to get into a regular schedule of weightlifting twice a week and crossfit three times.  I’d love to eventually be doing two a day workouts, but I don’t think that’s going to happen until after I leave my job and only have a class schedule to worry about working around, which is still months away.  A friend of mine commented on my appearance when she came to visit over the weekend, saying at first that I looked like I lost weight or look noticeably leaner, which was exciting.  I actually hope that I’ve gained weight or at least stayed around the same weight since I’m wanting to be gaining muscle, but I certainly am not complaining that I seem to be losing fat.

One big thing I’ve noticed since being on the Whole 30 is that before doing this, when I’d go too long between meals, I’d get light headed or headaches accompanied by a weak, shaky feeling, basically low blood sugar symptoms.  If I can’t eat as soon as I’d like while I’ve been doing the Whole 30, even if I’m really hungry, I don’t get those side effects.  I’m eating a lot more fat now and a lot less sugar, which probably has a part to play in this.  Since my body has adjusted to being fueled by the fat instead of sugars more, it seems that my blood sugar has leveled out nicely.  Keep in mind, I’m not diabetic or have any diagnosed issues with maintaining my blood sugar, I just would occasionally get mild low blood sugar symptoms if I went too long without eating.  I just wanted to make that clear in case anybody that has been diagnosed with something reads this.  The whole 30 has really helped me with this, but I never had anything too serious in this area to begin with.

So, one week until I start reintroducing things.  The only things I really want to reintroduce are dairy in the form of protein shakes and having heavy cream in my coffee, and gluten / alcohol in the form of beer.  Dairy has the higher priority since my Whole 30 ends in the middle of the work week when starting my day off with coffee and being able to just have a convenient protein shake after the gym instead of a full meal is really desirable.  With how late in the day I end up going to the gym (after work) I have my post workout meal just before I have dinner.  Two full meals too close together.  I can totally wait until the weekend to reintroduce beer.  That’s a better time to have a drink anyway.  The same friend that commented on my appearance the other day bought August and me a bottle of the Game of Thrones red ale that we saw at the store, so maybe we’ll just try that out that weekend.  Other than those two things, I can’t really think of anything I really want to reintroduce.

In about a week I’ll make my final post in regards to the Whole 30 and will be weighing myself and taking measurements so I can share my results.


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