Pre-Transition Identification and Other Stuff

This weekend has been a good one.  It was our anniversary which was a great time between the safari park, lunch at a brewery (felt like anniversary was worth cheating during the whole 30 for), and a wonderful steak dinner.  It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year, and unfortunate when I realize I was gone for the vast majority of that year.  At least I won’t have to be away from home for so long ever again, though.  I appreciate how much August has had to deal with over the last year with me being away for so much of it, especially since he had started his transition only a little while before I left.  Despite all this, it’s been a good year together and I look forward to more even better years.

In other news, the other day we went to the grocery store to get some more of the particular olive oil that August likes to use to make mayo.  When we went up to the register to check out, the cashier was helping an older gentleman.  She was all smiles and chatted with him while she worked.  As he left, she turned and looked at August and me.  The smile almost immediately fell from her face and I felt as if she was giving us a dirty look for some reason.  She didn’t say a single word to us as she rung up our items.  Not a “Did you find everything okay?”, “How are you?”, or even a simple “Hi”, very much exactly what you aren’t supposed to do when you work in customer service positions.  This is the first time I’ve ever had somebody give me a dirty look and give me such a cold shoulder for what seems to be nothing more than appearances.  I can’t be sure of what she was thinking or why she behaved that way.  Maybe she didn’t like August’s ear piercings (plugs), maybe she just couldn’t think of anything to chat about in regards to olive oil like she had chatted with the previous guy about his ice cream, maybe August and I are starting to get identified as a gay couple and she is homophobic, or maybe it was something completely unrelated to us at all and I’m reading too much into a look that wasn’t really there.  It did seem weird, though, and was a first of that sort of interaction for me.

When I was on deployment and we’d stop in different countries and got to go out and explore the area a bit, I was pretty consistently identified as male by the locals.  At least until I spoke, then they wouldn’t be sure.  There were several times when my friends and I were browsing stores or markets and one of the shop owners or employees would ask one of my friends if I was a boy or a girl.  One lady asked my friend if I was her little brother (I’m 6 years older than this friend).  This was all rather exciting for me, especially when people just identified me as male and didn’t question it even after they heard my voice.  In the states people do identify me as male some of the time, but pretty much every time I speak they notice how high pitch my voice is and apologize because they feel they misidentified me.  That is until the other day.  The same day we had the weird encounter with that cashier, we went out to dinner after catching a movie.  The waiter that helped us called us gentlemen when he was talking to us, and specifically called me sir a couple times when I ordered and when I paid for dinner.  He obviously heard my voice when he took my order, earlier in fact when I asked for a glass of water while we were looking over the menu.  So even after hearing me speak, he still identified me as male.  This was a cool experience for me, it was a first here in the states.  No apology or correcting to ma’am or anything.  It kind of made my day.  August didn’t seem as impressed, but I feel like that might be partly because he’s far enough along in his transition that he is consistently identified as male by strangers and it’s lost it’s excitement for him.  I, on the other hand, haven’t even began my transition at all yet.  It’ll be nice once I do and my voice starts to drop some so this can be a regular thing and it’ll lose it’s excitement for me as well.

Today we did a Memorial Day run of Murph.  For those that don’t know what that WOD consists of, it’s as follows:

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 hand release push ups
300 air squats
1 mile run

We have to start and end on the runs, but we could break up the pull ups, push ups, and squats however we wanted.  The time cap to do all this was 50 minutes.  I didn’t complete it in time, but I did get to start the final run before running out of time.  I think we’ll be doing this again next Memorial Day, so my goal for a year from now is to be able to do all the pull ups without having to resort to jumping pull ups in the middle of it, and to complete it within the given time limit.  This was the first time I’ve done this particular workout.  It was pretty rough at the time.  The second mile at the end was particularly bad after all the stuff you do before it.  All that being said, I felt pretty amazing about 15-20 minutes after I finished and had caught my breath.  A couple hours later and I’m really tired and feel like taking a nap, though.  Burned a lot of energy today.

My next post will come later this week when my Whole 30 ends and I get my measurements, which I’ll be posting the before and after measurements.  I’ve been really happy with how much fat I’ve burned off during this and intend to stay mostly Whole 30 for a while afterwards.  I’d like to get my body fat percentage down a little bit more before I shift my focus more towards muscle building.  The exceptions to the Whole 30 are mostly drinking coffee with heavy cream, and maybe having an occasional beer, though I intend for those to be few and far between still… Oh, and not fretting as much about what might be in the food when we go out to eat.  Can’t wait to find out what my exact results are when I take measurements later this week!


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