Whole 30 Results

Okay, so took measurements yesterday since my Whole 30 ended.  Keep in mind that I am only 5’1″ when you look at those measurements.  Between the Whole 30 and attending my awesome crossfit gym, here are the comparative 30 day measurements.


Before               After                     Difference

Weight              119.2 lbs          117.6 lbs              -1.6 lbs
Neck                  13.25″                13.5″                     +0.25″
Shoulders        37.75″               38″                         +0.25″
Biceps               11.5″                   11.5″                        —–
Forearms         9.5″                     9.5″                          —–
Chest                 29.5″                  31.5″                        +2″
Waist                 28.5″                  28.25″                    -0.25″
Hips                   35.5″                   35″                          -0.5″
Thighs                 22″                     22″                         —–
Calves                12.5″                  12.5″                       —–


So, the changes of a slight loss of weight and inches in waist and hips, and gaining of inches in the neck, shoulders, and torso may be indicative of loss of body fat and gaining of muscle, especially when paired up with comments I’ve received from people on my appearance lately.  Multiple people I work with or friends that have visited after not seeing me for a couple weeks during the Whole 30 have commented on how I look like I’ve lost weight, despite the weight loss being a pretty negligible amount, and look noticeably leaner.  Additionally, August mentioned that he is able to see more definition in my back muscles now, which would theoretically mean less fat covering those muscles.  Things I’ve noticed myself have been more definition in my shoulders, arms, and upper abs.  The veins in my arms definitely seem closer to my skin than they were before.  I also feel as if my face looks a little thinner in the mirror.

I reintroduced dairy yesterday and will be reintroducing something else this weekend, though I haven’t decided which thing I want to reintroduce next yet.  As for daily eating habits after the reintroduction period is over, I intend to stay pretty close to the Whole 30 for a while still, except for having heavy cream in my coffee and having protein shakes instead of full meals after working out.  I’m hoping that the fat burning will continue until I get to a body fat percentage that I’d like to have.  After that, I’ll be shifting my focus to muscle building so will be changing my diet to something more appropriate for that.

That’s pretty much all I have for today.  It’s exciting to see the results I’ve gotten from the Whole 30 and crossfit so far.  I’ll post more about how the reintroduction process is going next week when I’ve gotten through more of the stuff I’ll be reintroducing and seen how my body reacts to them.  I’ll probably start posting pictures every so often for comparison as I continue towards my fitness goals.


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