So, I didn’t end up finishing that Whole 30 I started in July since there was my birthday in the middle of it and then work taking me away from home for a couple weeks at the end and it was nearly impossible to not cheat while I was out of town since I was in frequent situations of going out with a group and being out voted on where we would go eat and such.  All that being said, I decided to go ahead and post comparison pictures from July 2nd to August 31st.  I took the time to take pictures in July and felt like I shouldn’t let those go to waste.  Besides, I haven’t posted any pictures at all yet.  I want to start getting comfortable with the idea of images of me on the interwebs, even when I’m not happy with how I look in those images, since I’ll be starting my physical transition in a few months and plan to be documenting it in a variety of ways, including pictures.  There won’t be any pictures that include my face until I leave my current job, just to play things safe.

Issues with these comparison pictures that don’t make them that great of comparisons: First, the quality isn’t the same since August helped me take the pictures in July so was able to use a higher quality setting than I could use with the timer setting when I took today’s pictures.  Along similar lines, the lighting doesn’t look quite the same, but that could also just be contributed to the settings on the phone.  Finally, I noticed afterwards that my poses weren’t quite the same in any of them, unfortunately.  I’ll work harder on that for future pictures.  So, here you go, pictures of me.

  Front BeforeFront After

Side Before Side After

 Back BeforeBack After

I can see that I did make some progress over the last couple months, but it’s hard to tell with the differences in the pictures themselves.  My stomach is definitely the thing about my body that bothers me the most.  Even at my leanest, I’ve always had that pooch and a never have had much definition there.  I’ve learned more recently that this is probably because of the high levels of stress I’ve had in my early life and the effect that stress hormones have on your body.  I’m hoping that my life being much less stressful than it was when I was younger, along with better eating and more exercise, will help me reach my goals of having more ab definition, but we’ll see.  I do see a little progress, I think, and I’m trying to focus on that instead of it not being where I want yet.  I’m definitely wearing smaller pants now than when I got home from the deployment, so that should mean something, I guess.

On the other hand, I am pretty happy with my back and shoulder’s right now.  It looks like my lats have grown some, making me look like I have a bit broader back, which is nice.  However, that might just be the difference in my stance during those pictures, looking at my tattoo, you can definitely see I’m not flexing quite the same.

Anyway, there we have it, almost two months between pictures.  Any differences are from mostly clean eating, only a few random cheat meals here and there, and working out as much as I can (sometimes my work schedule really interferes, unfortunately).  I’m looking forward to when I get to take these pictures to watch the changes as I’m taking testosterone.  Just a few more months!


2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Jamie Ray says:

    Can see more definition, and your back and shoulders really looks good. NIce boxer briefs too.

    • Kaizen says:

      Thanks 🙂 It can be hard to see changes in yourself sometimes or to not be overly critical about aspects of yourself that aren’t how you’d like them to be, so it is nice to hear what others see.

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