It Begins! Also, Thyroid Problems?

That’s right, I got my prescription and have taken my first T shot!  Driving home from the clinic was actually a very emotional experience for me.  I just kept thinking that I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, that they had written the prescription and that I’d be taking my first dose soon.  It’s been nearly 2 years since I came out to friends and family, nearly 2 years that I’ve watched August change through HRT and top surgery.  Sometimes it was really difficult because I was seeing August go through all these things that I couldn’t even begin until I got out of the military, and other times it was really exciting to be a part of this huge step in his life and to see him feeling so happy and good about himself as his transition progressed.  It’s been a rollercoaster, but I knew at the end of it I’d get to start my own journey, hop on to a different ride that I’m sure will be full of it’s ups and downs as well, but this ride will be mine.  So for 2 years my transition was just a concept, not a real thing, not until I was driving home from the clinic with my prescription and it finally hit me that this was really happening.

Yesterday morning I got a call from the clinic saying that my lab results were back and that the doctor wanted me to come in to go over the results with me.  This made me really nervous since I had a follow-up appointment set for a couple weeks from now.  I thought maybe something came back abnormal in the tests, then I started freaking myself out that if this was the case that it’d delay my starting HRT.  Well, I was half right.  They called me in because there were a couple things flagged.  My cholesterol was on the slightly high side (we expected that since I hadn’t fasted prior to the labs being drawn, so no big deal, the doctor knew that and said it wasn’t something to worry about).  The thing they really called me in to talk about was that my thyroid levels (levels of something in my blood that is supposed to activate my thyroid gland’s production of hormones) were a little high, “right on the cusp” is how the doctor put it.  I don’t know the full range of normal, but she said 5.5 is the high side of normal and mine came back at 5.8, which means my thyroid may be slightly under active is what she said.  Since I’ll be in there every 3 months for lab work to monitor things for my transition, she said they are going to keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn’t get any worse or anything.  I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism and I do have some mild symptoms (low energy level issues, difficulty remembering things, more difficulty concentrating than I used to have… though I feel like I’m still better at concentrating that others in my classes, amongst other symptoms), so it might be a good idea to look into this when I get new health insurance and a new primary provider once my military health care is over at the end of the month.  However, since the symptoms are mild and the levels are only slightly above normal and the doctor herself didn’t seem to think it was enough to keep an eye on but not actually serious at this point in time, I don’t feel overly concerned about it or in a hurry to look into it at the moment so waiting for better insurance isn’t a big deal.

Since they called me in early to go over the lab results with me, the doctor went ahead and wrote me the prescription for the testosterone instead of having me come back in a couple weeks for my scheduled follow-up appointment, so that was an awesome plus to having been called in.  I wasn’t expecting to get that until March 10th, so that really made my evening.  Took my first shot last night, recorded my voice this morning.  Couldn’t think of anything clever to say, so just said “This is my voice on my first day of T”.  Hopefully I’ll think of something better next time I record it.  I’ll post the recording on my next transition related post since I’ll probably have a second recording for comparison to see how it has changed.  That’s the biggest thing I’m looking forward to, I usually am identified as male until I speak, so my voice dropping some will help reduce the amount of “Oh, I’m sorry” and trying to correct to female pronouns that I get at the moment.  Hopefully my voice will get to a point that matches my appearance better.  The other thing I’m looking forward is potentially growing facial hair.  We’ll see how that works out, I know not all guys, trans or otherwise, grow it very well, but hopefully I’ll take after my dad and the older of my two younger brothers, in that regard.  I figure since it has only been a couple weeks since the post-Whole30 measurements and pictures I took, those will work just fine as my pre-T comparison measurements and pictures.

So yeah, hopefully things will progress quickly at first, as they did for August, so I’ll have pretty regular updates to post for a bit.  I’m looking forward to the changes I’ll be going through, even though I’m sure some I’ll feel less excited about than others… like going through a second puberty, or body hair in areas such as my back that I’d rather not have too much of.  At this point changes of any type I think will be exciting.  Anyway, I’ll be documenting everything that I can think of and will post comparisons here as soon as I have some to post.

Edit: Talked to some family members after I posted this and learned that hypothyroidism does run in my mom’s side of the family, so it sounds like I’ve inherited that but caught it very early thanks to these pre-HRT labs.  Will definitely look into it more once I get the new health insurance and have a primary provider.


5 thoughts on “It Begins! Also, Thyroid Problems?

  1. Claire says:

    Keep an eye on those symptoms, I was diagnosed 30 months ago and spent last year feeling dreadful even though my levels were 2:85, thankfully my dr treats the symptoms not just the numbers, within 3 weeks of a higher dose it was like some one had turned a switch back on, sometimes you just live with the symptoms thinking it’s just your life style,

    • Kaizen says:

      Yeah, my best friend has a thyroid condition and said her doctor mentioned the normal range being lower than what the doctor at the clinic said as well. She was strongly encouraging me to get it checked out. I should have the insurance in about a month, I think, so can find a primary doctor around then and look into it further at that point. Most of the symptoms I attributed to other things such as getting older, it never occur to me that they could be symptoms of something else going on. It’s kind of a relief to think that my recent increase in memory issues may have a treatable cause instead of being just the forgetfulness of aging. I’m only 31, I feel like I shouldn’t be having age related memory problems for a little while still. But we’ll see what a doctor says when I get one.

      • Claire says:

        Lol ah the brain fog, some days I felt I had drank a glass of wine, as I just wasn’t with it, extreme tiredness but put that down to marathon training, aching joints, again thought it was the running, terrible sleep pattern, continual tiredness, the list is endless! Thankful the last 3 months a complete change of diet has made me feel so much better, reduced refined sugar to a minimum, no cola, decaf coffee, no bread an adding juices to my diet, particularly Apple and ginger in the morning

      • Kaizen says:

        Yeah, exactly. I eat pretty healthy these days (for the last year I’ve been a lot more conscious about eating healthy). I’m mostly paleo so very little in the way of sugar or grains, and a lot in the way of nutrient rich veggies and fruit, as well as good protein sources. I can only imagine how I’d be feeling now if I was still eating the way I used to eat. I just attributed so much of it as getting older, working out regularly now, having a demanding job when I was in the military… Even the increased sensitivity to cold I figured was because I got used to San Diego not having much in the way of seasons. I’m very eager to talk to a doctor about this in the near future. Any suggestions on things that might help over the next month while I wait for my new insurance?

      • Claire says:

        Sounds like you are possibly doing the best.
        Although the they say the normal range for TSH is 0-5 ,optimum should be under 1.5
        This site has endless information

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