1 Week on Testosterone

So, my first week of HRT has passed by faster than I thought it would.  There’s not a whole lot to report on at this point in time.  The second injection I did completely unassisted this morning, and went very smoothly, so feeling confident about giving myself those now.  As far as any changes I’ve noticed this first week goes, they are very small.  Things like noticing that my lower range is getting a little easier when I’m singing along to the radio in the car, and that the upper range is starting to tire my throat out more quickly than it used to.  In general my throat has felt a little tight or sore, particularly during the second half of the week.  My speaking voice seems to have dropped the tiniest bit, but one would only realize it if you hear my day 1 recording compared immediately to the recording I took today (took several to make sure I was saying it in the same tone of voice so that the difference wasn’t just me not saying it the same).  That’s to be expected though, from what I understand my voice changing enough that it becomes actually noticeable is still a little ways away.  Since the change is so negligible, I think I’ll wait until there’s a more definite change before posting voice recordings.

Hmm… what else… Oh man, the last couple days my metabolism seems to have really kicked things up.  I seem to still be okay waiting until after class to eat lunch on Monday and Wednesday, since I don’t wake up as early so there’s less time between breakfast and lunch, but Tuesday and Thursday so not the case anymore.  I get up significantly earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so the time between breakfast and when I get home from class is probably a good 3 hours longer than Mondays and Wednesdays and now I’m finding that I feel ridiculously hungry well before my classes are over, even though I get home at around the same time all 4 days.  Up until starting T, this wasn’t the case and waiting to have lunch wasn’t a big deal.  Definitely need to start bringing a lunch with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays now.

The most noticeable change for me so far, besides the metabolism thing, has taken place below the belt, which seems to be pretty common from what I’ve read from others taking T.  I’m definitely feeling more sensitive there, as well as there seems to be a little growth happening already.  Nothing too drastic, but definitely more noticeable than any of the other changes going on so far.

I took some measurements today, not because I was expecting changes from T already, but because I’ve been doing an upper body program that one of the coaches at my gym has put together and I’ve gotten some comments on my arms/shoulders lately that I think has to do with that program, especially since all the change has been in my upper body.  While I’m eager to see how my body grows and how much strength I gain on T, I don’t expect to really start seeing any significant HRT related muscle gain for at least a couple more weeks, but it is nice to see the progress I’m making from other efforts.  I’ve gained about 1 lbs since the Whole30 measurements, and 0.25 inches in my neck, shoulders, and both biceps, as well as 0.5 inches in my chest.  My waist, forearms, hips, and legs all stayed the same measurements.  In addition to the change in size, I’ve gained quite a bit of strength in the upper body movements, such as pull ups, handstand push ups, and bench press, amongst others.  I took some pictures, but the only ones that show any difference are the ones of my back, which makes sense since I think it’s mostly my back and chest that have made the most progress, and my chest gets covered by my hands until I one day get top surgery.  So here are those pictures, 3 Feb 2015 on the left and 26 Feb 2015 on the right.  I’m only on my 3rd week of this upper body program, but definitely feel like I’ve made a ton of progress thanks to it.

20150203 Back20150226 Back


So yeah, that about sums things up for this post.  I’m sure I’ll have more to write about as the weeks go by and the changes start really taking effect.  I’m trying not to let myself be impatient about it or to start imagining changes because I’m looking so eagerly for them.  Easier said than done sometimes, but I know they’ll come when they come.


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