1 Month Comparisons

So, as of today, it has been one month since I started T.  Since last month was a short month, the 4 week and 1 month mark happened to land on the same day.  I skipped writing a post last week as I wasn’t feeling like there was much change between the 2 week and 3 week mark.  That being said, when I compared the pictures, measurements, and voice recordings I took today and compared them to the pre-T ones, I finally started to feel like there’s some progress being made.  In this post will be the pre-T/first day, 1 week, and 1 month recordings of most the stuff.  But where should I start…

I guess I’ll go with my voice recordings first, since that’s the thing I’m looking forward to changing the most.  It isn’t a huge change, but after taking several recordings attempting to use the same tone of voice as I did for my day 1 recording and all of them coming out noticeably lower, I don’t think I can deny that there has been any change there anymore.  I still sound distinctly female, but not quite as much like a small child as I used to sound.  You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the recordings.

Day 1
Week 1
Month 1

I’ve made some good progress physically as well.  I’ve gained about 2.5 lbs from my pre-T weight.  Gained a surprising 0.75″ in my neck and chest, 0.5″ in my shoulders and biceps, 0.25″ in my forearms and thighs, calves stayed the same, and I lost 0.25″ in my waist and 0.5″ in my hips.  Most of those gains, not surprisingly, were more recent and the changes between pre-T and the 1 week mark were negligible, so will just keep it at comparing pre-T and 1 month.  Here are some photos, pre-T on the left, 1 week in the middle, and 1 month on the right.

Front Comparison
Side Comparison
Back Comparison

The things I notice the most are I seem to have more ab definition (or maybe it’s my imagination because I want more defined abs so badly, lol), as well as growth in my shoulders and back.  As always, it’s hard to tell what is difference in lighting/position in which I’m standing and what is genuine changes taking place.  For a little while I thought I was starting to get a bit of a muffin top going on, but I noticed when I poke at my sides, they are surprisingly firm, rather than the squishiness I would have expected if it was as much fat as I thought.  Not to say there isn’t a layer of fat there still, but I think there’s been some growth in my obliques, which also attributes to the it looking like there’s some overall ab definition developing there.  Again, I might be seeing things just because I really want to and there might not be as much definition as I think.  Even if that’s the case, then at least for the first time pretty much ever, I’m having a more positive perspective when I look at my stomach, which is just as good as there being actual definition there.  I’ve had a lot of very negative feelings in regards to my stomach for a very long time, so either way it’s a nice change of pace to feel a bit better about myself when I look in the mirror.  I have also been getting more and more comments about looking “jacked” when I wear tank tops lately (such as in the pictures below… which is with a sports bra, by the way, no binder), so I know there has to be some growth going on in my arms, shoulders, and upper back if others are noticing things.  This has been making tank tops my favorite shirts to wear these days since they show off the one part of my body that I’m actually really happy with.  I’ve been starting to take pictures of myself in some of my shirts so I can record the changes in how they fit as I continue to grow.

IMG_20150317_103635_739 IMG_20150317_103242_413

I think that pretty much covers all the big changes over the last month that are T related.  For those that were wondering, I did finally hear back from the pulmonologist a couple weeks ago about the ground glass nodule in my lungs.  The second CT scan showed that it hadn’t gone away as hoped, which means it wasn’t just the remnants of the upper respiratory infection that I had not long before the first CT scan.  The good news is that it is stable.  I just have to get it checked annually so they can catch it if it ever starts growing.  The doctor seemed as if it wasn’t something to be too concerned about as things are right now, but should definitely make sure I keep an eye on it.  I’ll bring it up, along with the potential thyroid stuff, to whoever my new doctor ends up being whenever I get in.  New insurance starts up in a couple weeks so getting a new doctor isn’t too far off.


2 Weeks In

So didn’t really have a chance to write this yesterday, when I actually hit the 2 week mark, but one day late isn’t bad, right?  There’s not a whole lot to report on.  My voice seems to have dropped the tiniest bit again when I compare recordings, but I think it’ll still be another week or two before it’s an actual noticeable amount.  As it is, it really just sounds like I’m saying it a little different.  I made several attempts to record my voice trying to mimic the tone of voice of the original recording and they all sounded a bit lower than the first one, so I think it did actually drop a little and isn’t just me saying it different.  Just the same, I want to wait until I have a more definitive change in that regard before I post any voice recordings.

Beyond that, the only real change has been below the belt.  The first couple days of week 2 it was very intensely sensitive.  Just the feel of my underwear moving when I was walking around was bothersome and driving me crazy.  By the end of this last week, however, it seems to have evened out or I got used to it.  It’s definitely still more sensitive than before I started T, but it’s not so sensitive now that I don’t want to walk around.  There has also been a undeniable size change since pre-T down there.  That pretty much covers it, I think in the next couple weeks I’ll have more exciting news since it’s around the 3-4 week mark that I’ve heard some of the changes start happening.

In other news, my brother visited this week, just dropped him off at the airport this morning.  It was really nice to see him, I feel like I don’t see my brothers enough, but it costs money for us to visit each other since we live a couple states away now.  I wish I had had more time to actually go do things with him, but he seemed pretty happy just trying out local restaurants.  Unfortunately I still had class this week, so that interfered with the amount of time I had with him, especially since I had two exams this week.  The chemistry one wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t need to do much for it, but the math one I felt very unprepared for and was behind on homework, which he collects on test days.  There were a couple days of trying to get that homework done when he was visiting, and I felt bad for but he kept saying it was fine.  When I took the exam yesterday, I went in feeling like I was going to bomb it (I’m not bad at math, but he rushed through a lot of stuff that I didn’t know because he assumed his students came from a class that already covered most of it, but I tested into the class so had not done that) but ended up feeling really good about it afterwards, so we’ll see how I did when we get the tests back next week.  Hopefully it’ll have been worth the time I put into it instead of doing more fun things with my brother.

I ended up signing up for the Crossfit Open last week after they announced the first workout and I realized it was definitely within my ability to do the male division if I do the scaled version.  It makes me feel good about my abilities to look at the leader board on the Open website and see how many guys are below me in scaled, knowing that most, if not all, have been guys all their lives and I just started taking testosterone.  It hasn’t even been long enough for me to start really seeing much strength gain from it yet, especially since the only thing scored so far is the first workout which was a week ago.  It sounded like strength gains are one of those things that takes around 3 weeks to start really seeing.  Planning on doing the second workout today.  Have to do that one scaled as well, I’m not good at overhead squats yet (you can decide with each workout whether to scale it or not).  I’m excited to see where I sit on the leader board at the end of this.  As long as I’m not in last place, I’ll be happy, but after the first workout I don’t think I’ll be near last place at all, even though I won’t be ranked very high either.  When I looked the other day, before the second workout was announced, I was on the second to last page so had a lot more people sitting below me than I expected.