3 Months on T

So, I don’t have a whole lot to say about month 3 really.  It has been hard to workout regularly or in the way that I would like to since I’m living out of a hotel room lately and the “fitness center” in this hotel is pretty much just cardio machines.  I’ve been trying to make myself do travel WODs, which ends up being about every other day, so not even working out as often as I was before.  Travel WODs also mean not really having much for strength building.  I also don’t have the equipment I need to continue my upper body program, which is really frustrating.  The next location I’ll be at looks like there’s at least a lot of regular gyms around, which is better than nothing.  I can at least work on strength stuff there.

That kind of leads into my measurements today.  Not a whole lot has changed over the last month in this regard.  I don’t have a scale to weigh myself, but I did get the other measurements. My shoulders and chest went up about half an inch, and my thighs and calves on both legs went up about a quarter of an inch.  Everything else stayed the same.  This has a lot to do with not working out as much as I’d like, and probably also not eating as well as I normally do.  I’m worried I’ll lose my muscle I’ve worked so hard to gain, but I’m probably being paranoid or at least it won’t be as bad as I think it’ll be, lol.

I have a new work clothes photo to add.  After my first assignment I saw that a lot of the others were a bit more casual than I was, so I brought some other collared shirts with me this time, including a polo shirt.


It already fits me way better than it did when I first got it a couple years ago, but I don’t have any pictures to compare back to unfortunately.  At least I have a picture now for future comparisons.

And now for the less clothed comparison photos for this month.  I’m including pre-T, 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month.  I don’t really see much change in the front and side pictures, maybe can tell that my thighs are slightly more muscular, but it’s hard to tell since I’m wearing different underwear this time.  I try to make as much the same as possible in the pictures, but I had forgotten and wore that pair a couple days ago.  This pair fits differently.  Oh well.  The back picture looks like there’s way more definition there.  I don’t know if that is the case, or if it’s the lighting in the hotel room that makes it so.  This whole traveling thing is really going to make comparisons a lot harder since the environment I’m taking these photos in will be so different.  So yeah, here are the pictures.




And for the final comparisons I have for this month, here are the voice recordings.  I feel like there’s a pretty big difference with each month that passes.

Day 1

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Other things I’ve been noticing.  I’m definitely getting bigger below the belt again.  Not a huge difference, but noticeable.  Also, I’m finally breaking out pretty much all over, but I think that has to do with the increasing amount of hair I’m finding all over my body.  I swear there’s more and more dark hair on my thighs every time I look at them.  Additionally, the facial hair around my lips and chin are continuing to get thicker, and I finally have one that is not just slightly thicker and darker than the rest of my peach fuzz, but is totally a full blown whisker on the bottom of my chin, so hopefully I start to find more of those.  There’s also one on the side of my lip that looks noticeably thicker than the others, but it’s really light and I’m starting to think it’s a grey one growing in.  The hairs that will someday form sideburns (I hope) are also getting a lot thicker, though still blond.

That’s pretty much it for the 3 month update.  Hopefully I’ll have more to write about either in my mid month post or at the 4 month one.  I suspect that if I can find a place to work out at when I get to my next assignment, I’ll see a lot more growth again.  Until next time!


11 Weeks on T and Work

So this is a day late, but better late than never.  The last two weeks I’ve been out of town on my first assignment with the new job.  It’s been a good experience so far.  The work is pretty easy, at least for me, and I’m exceeding the supervisors’ expectations apparently.  They told me that I’m doing better within my first two weeks than some people that have been doing it for years.  They also don’t seem to think I’ll be doing this for too terribly long because, as they put it, the really good people tend to move on to better positions really quickly.

One of the nice things about this new job is getting to dress fairly nicely for work.  I took pictures of what I wore every day for the first week because A. I like wearing those clothes, it makes me feel both masculine and professional, and B. I figure it’s probably good for comparisons to measure how well the clothes fit as I continue on with my transition.  So, yeah, I have pictures for today’s post.  I have 2 different grey shirts, so that’s not a duplicate image.  Obviously some of the shirts fit better than others, but overall they are all a little too big.  I would like to get them tailored to fit better, but with still being pretty early in my transition, I don’t want to do that and end up growing out of them really quickly as I continue to gain muscle mass.  So going to deal with the too big of clothes until I feel like I’m not going to be changing clothing sizes any time soon, as well as until I have more money to spend on clothes.  Maybe then I can get more pants too so I can better match the color of my slacks with the color of my shirts.  It’s hard to find pants my size, unfortunately, so limited choices on colors when I went shopping for work clothes.  Anyway, here are the pictures I took in the hotel bathroom.

IMG_20150427_060202_408 IMG_20150428_070558_930 IMG_20150430_061407_464 IMG_20150501_061501_892 IMG_20150505_054827_875 IMG_20150429_062426_337

Another nice thing about this new job is that I talked to one of the supervisors about my prefered name and pronouns and not only did he abide by my wishes, but any time somebody slipped up with the pronouns, he and the other supervisor were quick to correct them (or themselves if they accidentally slipped).  It was nice to not have to worry about deciding whether I wanted to have the awkward conversation of correcting people I worked with or just deal with hearing the wrong pronouns, they took care of it for me.

As far as people I interacted with outside of those on the team, I found it was pretty split down the middle on how I was identified by strangers.  I got a couple people that avoided pronouns when talking to or about me too.  It was an interesting experience and made me wonder what variables come into play when people subconciously label me as one gender or the other, or neither if they are confused by me.  It seemed a little like the women were more likely to identify me as male, and the men as female, but that was definitely not the case every time, obviously.  Either way, it was definitely exciting to have anybody at all identifying me as male even after hearing me speak.  That’s still something new for me, though it seems to be happening more frequently now.

Anyway, on to the last couple weeks’ transition related observations.  The biggest thing I noticed over the last two weeks is that all of a sudden my facial hair is growing back in like twice as fast as it was before.  When I first started T I was able to go a couple weeks between shaving and not really have all that much peach fuzz to get rid of.  Now it seems like that two weeks of growth is happening in a single week, which means I should probably start shaving more frequently until it grows in thicker and looks more like masculine facial hair instead of wispy feminine hair.  The hair on my upper lip is still getting gradually thicker, though still not enough to really be apparent if you aren’t looking for it.  I’ve also noticed the area right below my bottom lip (think soul patch spot) is starting to get a little thicker as well.  I’m kind of excited about that.

I’ve also noticed the hair on my thighs has continued to get a lot thicker and darker.  There are really dark hairs growing in areas of my legs that used to hardly have any hair at all, let alone dark ones.  I think the hair on my lower legs has gotten thicker too, but that’s harder to tell since it was already fairly thick and dark compared to the hairs on my thighs.  I can’t really see any dark ones, but I can definitely feel more hair on my butt as well.  I had some dark hairs on my stomach to begin with, but only a handful, those seem to be multiplying slowly as well… so yeah, basically most of what I’ve noticed the last couple weeks is just that I’m getting significantly more hair growth all over my body right now.

My 3 month update is going to be when I’m on another business trip, so I need to try to remember to bring the tape measure with me so I can get measurements when the time comes.  I might just have to weigh myself before I leave and figure that’s close enough to the 3 month mark since I doubt I’ll have access to a scale at the hotel.  We’ll see what I decide to do this weekend, I guess.  My other measurements and voice recordings will all be on the day I hit 3 months at least.  I’m eager to see what has measurably changed when I gather the data and put together my next post.

That’s really all I have for this post, so until next time!