Endocrinologist Appointment

Had my first appointment today with my new endocrinologist.  I’m pretty excited about it, she seems to genuinely care about her patient’s both physical and mental well being.  I told her about the dose I’ve been on since I began my transition and my frustration at my progress, especially how bummed out at the 4 month mark.  As soon as she heard that my period has still not stopped at almost 5 months in, she was all about upping my dose for a bit.  She wants to do labs in a few weeks to check my levels, including my thyroid levels given the family history of thyroid problems and my tests in the past coming back borderline.

Thursdays are my injection days, which I usually do first thing in the morning before I go to work.  Since I had the appointment today, though, I decided to wait until after the appointment.  That meant when I got back home, I got to do my first injection at the higher dose.  I’m pretty excited about it, I’m eager for my period to go away completely, as well as slightly speeding up other changes.  Hopefully I’ll see some results from this in the near future, and I’ll feel a bit better after the frustration I ran into at the 4 month mark.

In just over a week I’ll be doing the 5 month comparisons, but I doubt that I’ll see much effect from the higher dose so soon.  Just the same, hopefully having been able to go to crossfit again and eating healthier since I’ve been home for a bit now instead of living out of a hotel room, I’ll see some progress made on the fitness front if nothing else.  I know some of my shirts (such as the one pictured below) are fitting differently these days at least and making me feel more muscular than I really am.  I’m going to be sad when I outgrow some of them, especially this Joker shirt, and it seems like that might be in the near future.  We’ll see how much has really changed recently, however, when I do my measurements around the 19th.

Featured image

Anyway, that’s really all I have for now, just excited to be upping my dose and am glad that the endocrinologist is so caring and eager to help me in my transition.  Expect a 5 months on T post in the not too distant future! 🙂


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